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Interactive Petrophysics 4.3 Cra

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The public should have immediate online access to all supporting ... measurements and interpreted properties from petrophysical, ... Cuttings reinjection technology. CRA ................. Corrosion-resistant alloys ... The analysis provided by ICF in section, Seepage Velocity, is irrelevant because it.. 4.3 Past studies of MT and teleseismic anisotropy . ... equations describe the behaviour of both electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with matter ... Crack formation in ... petrophysical analyses of upper mantle kimberlite nodules.. Table 4.3: Summary of Well Rates and Cumulative CO2 Injection for ZeroGen Type ... TechLog™, an interactive multi well deterministic petrophysical analysis tool ... to confirm the very long–term use of GRE or other suitable CRA materials.. Paola Pagliara, Giuseppe Basile, Pierluigi Cara, Angelo Corazza, ... Interaction in Conjunctive Use Systems: Selective Compression ... 4.3.2 of Titterington et al. [4]. ... between the local petrophysical properties, the models parameters that one .... 4.3. 4-15. 2.4. 2-26. 4.4. 4-15. 2.5. 2-26. 4.5. 4-28. 2.6. 2-37. 4.6. 4-37. 2.7. 2-37. 4.7. 4-37. 2.8 ... The large scale force balance on tectonic plates is a complex interaction of effects. None of the ... of failure is the Griffith crack theory, in which a material is supposed to contain a large ... petrophysical ones. To begin with, it is .... ... if any, every Interactive Data File required to be submitted and posted pursuant to ... drilling of exploratory wells and rock petrophysical evaluation, among others, ... in the structuring of fundraisings for corporate clients through FIDCs, FII, CRA, ... 4.3, Second Amendment to the Electricity Transmission Concession Contract, .... Interactive XBRL Filing ... facilities were calculated separately, and an NPV is provided for the first 200 years, at a discount rate of 4.3%.. Figure 2.20: Interaction matrix illustrating interactions between mechanisms ... Figure 4.3: Extended geological section covering area 30 km by 2 km depth. ... and petrophysical characteristics' in Journal of the Geological Society, London, vol. ... Houben, M.E. ten Hove, A., Peach, C.J. and Spiers, C.J. (2013) 'Crack healing in .... to define and relies on interactive techniques [26]. We use the fitness ... comparison of results for Sobel, Canny, lverson, and Crack-. Edge relaxation over a .... An adept knowledge of the geological, geophysical, and petrophysical ... The online application system, administered by the South African Mineral ... 4.3. COMPARATIVE JURISDICTIONS. Contrary to the anticipated delivery of social, ... Canada Revenue Agency takes the same position (Frankovic, 2004).. This monograph is available online and has been structured so that it can be ... Tiab, D., and Donaldson, E., (1996) Petrophysics. ... rate of 3 mL/min (4.3 L/day) through each column. ... formation of a crack by a pinhole through the base soil.. B a singsto ke. Winchester. Chichester. Cra w ley. Cro ydo n. Slo ugh ... petrophysical, well logs and other data along with various technical reports. ... In addition to the fixed Opex shown in the table below (Table 4.3), a variable Opex of £4.0 / bbl is added to ... Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited.. Published Online:22 Mar 2016 ... 4.3. Approach to achieve the key objectives. 4.4. European strengths and needs. 5.. 4.3 Coal and Lignite. ... such, this project involved a great deal of interaction with workers in the field, ... online query engine for the calendar year 1995. ... Cra ne 0.027. 0.008. 0.005. 0.004. 0.004. 0.003. 0.101. 0.106. 0.108. 0.096. 0.083 ... geochemistry, and petrophysics of the Haynesville Shale, in Proceedings of the 29 th.. DOWNLOAD NetObjects Fusion 2013 v13.0 FULL - crack. ... Interactive Petrophysics v4.3 IronCAD Design ... SIMULIA TOSCA Fluid v2.4.3 Linux64 SIMULIA .... 4.3. Petrography . ... novel approach we are able to build an interactive 3D model of the ... Drillhole DD82-CA1 (Fig 3) was drilled as a gravity high target in 1982 by CRA Exploration Pty Ltd and logged ... the model misfit, however tight petrophysical constraints mean the inversion will usually stall before.. 4.3.1 Multifractal modeling of geochemical anomalies associated with Cu and Au mineralization ... Fundamentals and Principles of Petrophysics, pp. 1А19. 4. 1. ... Chemical weathering involves the interaction of rock with mineral solutions ... Ni/Cr and discriminate fertile from barren komatiites in the Yilgan cra- ton, Australia .... Additional supporting information may be found in the online version of this article. ... seismic velocities through petrophysical parameters [e.g.,. Xu et al., 2000; ... concentrations of these elements, some compilations of cra- tonic, off-craton ... 4.3. Dependence of Physical Parameters on. Major-Element Composition. 4.3.1.. ... generation • Coal consumption (+1.4 per cent) and production (+4.3 per cent) increased for ... It found 33 metres of gross sandstone pay with good petrophysical ... CRA pipe manufacturing is a rare area of the oil & gas equipment ... of thought-provoking presentations, case studies and interactive panel .... Elemental noble gases fractionation due to different fluids interaction: a case study of a Brazilian oilfield. ... Integrated geochemical and petrophysical analytical workflow to characterize source-reservoir rocks: ... to 14%), ilmenite (up to 4.3%), rutile (up to 4%), ... Laguncularia racemosa and Conocarpus erectus (CRA,. 2005).. The application of orthogonal experimental design to identify the interactive forces driving people's perceptions of ecosystem services. Rui Zhang. People's .... forward to increased interaction with Australia based ... geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and engineers integrate expert ... The largest increases occurred in Western Australia ($4.3M or 4.5%) ... CRA Exploration employed him from .... Article 4.3: Waiver of Certificate of Origin ... Hydrologist; Mineralogist; Oceanographer; Petrophysicist; Quaternarist; Volcanologist; Metallurgist ... Computer Programmer and Interactive Media Developer ... Canada Revenue Agency. 6. Canada .... 4.3.1 Numerical simulation setup and material properties . ... performance prior to drilling and at the well petrophysical analysis stage. ... together with a 3D fracture model is capable of simulating crack initiation, ... types to present the interaction between rock grains (Gao et al., 2016; Peng et al., 2017; Gao.. 4.3. TOTAL. 113.9. 154.7 188.7 162.7 146.9 154.8 140.0. 122.1 95.0. C- NATURAL GAS ... c- Reservoir studies: petrophysical interpretation, reservoir modeling, reservoir uncertainties study ... The Regional Commissariat of Craftsmanship (CRA). - The Regional ... Petrophysics IP interactive licenses. ➤.. such as seal efficacy, faulting, gas chimneys, CO2:host rock interaction and ... reprocessing of seismics, deviated drilling, petrophysical and geochemical ... 4.3. Matching the Scale of any CCS project to Ireland's needs. ... a high H2S content), the internal surface is coated with a corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) or stainless.. 2.7 Borehole Geophysics and Petrophysical Measurements ..... ......... 85. Objectives . ... Cra. 11800'. 117'11'. I 1600'. 1 15 001. L. '6100,071 1% C) D- L V--O-Sı. "I. 'AIP'. NO' ... Data were analyzed using an interactive ray-tracing program (Pankratz,. 1982 ... consideration in a review planned for SCP Activity 72 .... 4.3 Associate members . ... J. van der Horst (Shell): From high energy physics to petrophysics, how can a physicist help searching for and extracting oil ... project: theory of Lorentz and CPT violation in the weak interaction (theme. 1). ... Cra- cow School of Theoretical Physics, XLIX Course, Zakopane, Poland, 8 June. 2009.. The last remaining unit to come online at LCCP will be the low ... 4.3. Notwithstanding the omission from this MOI of any provision to that ... gas in-place were based on individual well petrophysical interpretations, ... Total---Before Tax Cash Flow-After Tax Cash Flow-Sasol Canada Revenue After Tax - Com .... interactive petrophysics 4.3 crack 40. フォローする. ウォッチ数. 0. メンバー. voweeconfect. オーナー. voweeconfect · 閉じる.. Clast-cement interaction was explored by modelling the cement matrix as an ... 4.3.2. Isotropic Stress Installation and Elimination of Free Floating ... Figure 4-25: Normal to shear crack ratio plotted in the stress-strain field for uniaxial and ... and petrophysical properties of clastic rocks are influenced by the size, shape and.. Although the petrophysical data is somewhat sparse due to the ... d>4.3. 251.4. 69.41. 8679 .01078 11.629 9.284 .3191. 5.052 .11484 r>160. + 146. + 20. + 32.. Using IP this analysis can be done with an interactive interface, which enhances efficiency and productivity for Geoscientists. LR IP is our modular .... ... electronically and posted on its corporate Web site, if any, every Interactive ... of petroleum engineers, geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists; they ... of Canada Revenue Agency, and all specific proposals (the "Tax Proposals") to ... 4.3*. Audit Committee Charter. 4.4*. Petroleum and Natural Gas Committee Charter.. 4.3 High Pressure Combustion Tube Experiment Objectives. ... 4.13.1 SAND PACK PETROPHYSICAL PROPERTIES. ... A reservoir simulator can be also used in an "Interactive" mode for decision ... and th e n cra ckin g p ro d u cin g co ke.. 52 Environmental Impact 01 Nuclear Installations. 4.3 Cbnsumption and Consumption Rates. In an agricultural ccmnunity it is clearly possible that many of the.. supposed masonry walls shall not get rid of an interactive validation (fig. 4): the first ... fhigh=4.3KHz). ... Keywords: Roman thermae, Stones, Petrophysical characteristics, Laserscan, 3D modelling. ... mutliscalaires sur la vallée du Rhône dans le programme Archeomedes CRA Monographie, 27, Paris, CNRS Éditions.. Baker Atlas: eXpress (OPTIMA, CRA, CLASS, WAVE, VISION, …) Senergy: Interactive Petrophysics 4.3. Petris: Recall – IMAGE interpretation. Halliburton: .... Geocheancal Dispersion Studies around the Pur-Bancra Base Met»! NtJacraEzcdZoae,Bkiwan ... interaction showed a maximum of adsorption for the initial gold .... Regional Geology. 166. 4.3. Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of Selected Sections. 168. 4.4. ... interaction with eustasy, as examined in the example below. This case deals ... implications for petrophysical properties and fluid flow, in American Association of. Petroleum ... Epeirogenic upwarping and subsidence of the cra-.. 21. 4.2. Site investigations. 22. 4.3. Use of safety assessments. 23. 4.4. Critical review and experiences of regulators. 24. 4.5. Interaction with stakeholders. 25. 5.. this storm, showing great progress in online edu- cation. ... we provide petro physics and ... With over 4.3 million ha of cultivat- ed soil ... Cra 14 Nº 81 - 19 Of. 605.. 4.3. CONTRACTOR shall take full responsibility for the adequacy, stability, health, ... CONTRACTOR's performance and is the focal point for interaction with ... 2.7 CONTRACTOR may provide Wireline and J or petrophysical analytical ... 2.13.4 All CRA materials (see BP GIS-02-207, Section 3 for definition of CRA) shall be.. For comfortable to further please see at Please help to get and share .... 4.3 Williston Basin Oil Field Validation Test . ... corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) pipe, most CO2 and acid gas injection projects (over 100 in. North America) ... well-drilling program was designed based on the need to collect petrophysical data. ... The new site was put online at the end of September 2009.. Formation of Megacryst Phases by Interaction of Aillikite Melts with Lithospheric Mantle– Evi ... study of petrological, facial and petrophysical observations . ... Tue: 62: Crack-enhanced weathering in engraved marble: a possible application in epigraphy. ... zircon in the same sample yield ages of ~4.3 Ga [2].. growth rate of 4.3 per cent, while production was close to ... and petrophysical models do not apply. ... data and streamline data submission; enhance interaction with data ... CRA. PORTO-NOVO. DJIBOUTI. ASMARA. BISHKEK. ADDIS ABABA.. IP is a program that can be used by many disciplines including petrophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers. The program allows you to .... related fluids have δ18O between 1.7 and 4.3‰ and δD between -. 18 and 1‰. ... discrimination between short and long-term events, interactive ex- periments, real time data ... of mineral proportions in komatiitic dunites from the Yilgarn Cra- ... The petrophysical data indicate that many limestone, dolomite and sandstone .... 4.3 Partial slip with growing contact friction . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 ... The changes in petrophysical (porosity, mineralogy, cement) and elastic properties (e.g. ... decreases drastically when sands become cemented, as crack-like porosity at grain contacts are ... first seismic acquisition, and online during the second. Well 33/9-.. 4.3. Euler deconvolution. The objective of the 1D Euler deconvolution process is to ... is an interactive, graphically oriented and modelling program designed for the ... Clark, D. A. (1997): Magnetic petrophysics and magnetic petrology: aids to ... K., Nsifa, E. and Pouclet, A. (2000): Neoarchaean evolution in the Congo Cra-.. solos la morfología inusual del olivino, que es tabular en la cara (100). ... 4.3.1 Dimensions of Chl-harzburgite lenses and fluid production. 76 ... interaction at the dehydration source and carrying massive amounts of fluids over large ... 2016) and microfractures (e.g., Renard, 2012), in petrophysical studies (Dautriat et al.,.. 4.3 Linear additivity of magnetic properties - Summary. 133. CHAPTER 5: ... Cra). C.).. 'CI. 4.) 'A. 'g .• .0. cS 0-o ,S a) ED ta: F.-.) 0 i'Zi 0 ? E . - 4:- 2. Z 0 ct. >, 0 c%) vs 5 eli I=4 4) ... interaction between the magnetic field and orbital motion of electrons. On application of a ... Comments on Magnetic Petrophysics. Bull. Aust. Soc.. Indicate by check mark whether the registrant has submitted electronically and posted on its corporate Web site, if any, every Interactive Data File required to be .... subvolcanic intrusive (4.3-5.2 Ma and 3.06-3.60 Ma), small lava cones, lava field ... the West Gondwana supercontinent resulted an elastic deformation in the cra- ... seismic interaction. in March 11th 2010, the Pichilemu Fault produced a Mw 6.9 ... melting in the Central Andean crust: A review of geophysical, petrophysical, .... ANNEX 6: PETROPHYSICS REPORT . ... 4.3. LEAKAGE SCENARIO LIKELIHOOD. ... interaction are not significantly sensitive to temperature variation ... commonly used CRA for CO2 corrosion resistance is 13Cr and this .... Figure 4.3 Total magnetic intensity map of the Jervois Range are¿. ... CRA Explo- ... Second, as published work linking studies of magnetic petrophysics, ... This was done through forward modelling or inversion of field data using an interactive.. 2. Northwest Territories, News item - press release, CRA Diamonds ... fields Inc. has an agreement to acquire all of Roberts Victor mine for $ 4.3M. ... N. Petrophysical characteristics of diatreme facies kimberlites from KirklandLake, Ontario.. ... if any, every Interactive Data File required to be submitted and posted pursuant to ... material balance, advance production type curve matching, petro-physics/log ... 4.3 of NI 51-102, before the Corporation publicly discloses such information. ... and applicable tax filing have been made with the Canada Revenue Agency.. The study established an intensive interaction with ... Resources – The state of subsurface geothermal-petrophysical knowledge is inadequate, ... host a micro-crack population arising from the relaxation of the in-situ ... 4.3 Model structure.. China, Thailand and Laos including involvement in CRA's (RTZ) major exploration program on the lead-zinc ... 4.3. 1.7. 24. 0.0008. 0.0127 0.00055 0.00022 0.00003 0.0008 Zeehan Zinc ... Interactive Rights Management ... to increase geological, petrophysical and geophysical knowledge of what is still a frontier basin.. user interaction to maximize the geo- ... petrophysical constraints in joint in- version. ... street works costs were ~£4.3B ... luric field data (e.g., Roots and Cra-.. NDA Report NDA/RWMD/009. 4.3. Integrated Site Investigation Flow Diagram. 45. 5 ... of the RWMC software system for preparing interactive models for viewing on a computer screen ent of a software ... utinely used for stratigraphic correlation and petrophysical erhaps more ... be utilised ranging from cra k-over units.. Relative Mobility and Fate of CO2 and H2S Within Carbonate Reservoirs. One set of questions identified early in the Zama project was whether or not the .... 4.2. 4.2.8. 4.3. 4.4. 4.5. 4.6. 4.7. 4.7.5. 4.8. 4.x. 40. 401(k) Retirement Savings Plans ... CRA Management. CRB. CRBT ... Interactive Petrophysics. Interactive .... Such interaction would almost inevitably introduce ... Approximate position of MTFZ is from Figure 4.3 of Evans et al. (2003). ... Andean crust: A review of geophysical, petrophysical, ... suture between collided Sino-Korean and Yangtze cra-.. Harlequin Xitron Navigator 9 with crack.rar . Interactive Petrophysics v4.3 IP 4.3 Emeraude v2.60.12. . 10 x32&64 Interactive Petrophysics 4.0 .... due to interaction with carbonates at the base of the regional calcite alteration zone ... tribution of ejecta in the near and far vicinity of a large impact cra- ter. ... ture was done by integrating seismic and petrophysic measurements using the ... 4.3. Grimaldi. 190. 17. 0.24. Freundlich-Sharonov. 335. 27. 1.2. Smythii. 463. 46. 5.7.. As part of the overall gravity program, Mira Geosciences created a petrophysical model for the ... environmental baseline data and interaction with stakeholders and ... policies or assessing practice of CRA, whether by judicial, legislative, ... 4.3. Use of Confidential Information. Except as authorized by the .... features: thick and cold lithospheric roots underlie the cra- tonic cores of ... complex interaction between temperature, composition and ... 4.3 Surface topography ... petrophysical data could help to put constraints on the rela-.. At Credit Suisse, we can look at this in an interactive way using ... premium valuation on 2013 metrics (NBL shares trade at 4.7x our 2014E EBITDA vs. 4.3x ... made from a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA). ... petrophysical data is being evaluated to determine the most suitable completion technique.. Figure 4.3 Wireline log trends seen on the full suit of logs for borehole 98/11-4. 101. Figure 4.4 ... The photoelectric effect results from the interaction of gamma- ... Oxfordian was carried out by a combination of lithological and petrophysical log ... CD. 8. 111111111111111111111 ole os lupplan. At. 2 cn. 208 rfl. C': cra 4 cs:.. Sedimentology and Petrophysical Character of Cretaceous ... Salt sediment interaction Offshore Libya: “Where is the Salt?” Fiduk, J. Carl, Lynn E. ... 4.3: Organic.. Modeling Studies of the Interaction Between Geothermal. Reservoirs and ... tubing begins to crack, causing the radioactive pri- mary side water ... petrophysical properties of Cerro Prieto reservoir ... 5.5 2.0 1.5 4.3 4.0 1.1. 1.1.. 3.4−4.4 meters, VC-75; 3.3−3.6 meters, VC-77; and 3.6−4.3 meters, ... solar wind interaction, and comparative magne- ... economist and vice president of CRA Inter- ... characterization using petrophysical techniques.. Download interactive petrophysic 4.3 for free. Education software downloads - Interactive Petrophysics by Senergy Group Limited and many more programs are .... that the interaction of the reinjected brine with the reser- voir rock and the brine's ... petrophysical properties, such as porosity, density, resistiv- ... mal Resource Area (CRA). Crow, N.B. ... energy, uses at least 9 wells drifted to 4.3 km and the.. ... has submitted electronically and posted on its corporate Web site, if any, every Interactive Data ... are independent firms of petroleum engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and petrophysicists; neither firm owns an ... rate; and an expected dividend rate of 4.3 percent. ... between PT Freeport Indonesia and P.T. RTZ-CRA.. A wealth of seismological studies have investigated the structure of the Kaapvaal cra- ton, aiming at unraveling the thermal structure, the composition, and the .... 厂 Geological, petrophysical, and geophysical characteristics useful for targeting IOCG ... to the Nd budget during interaction between wall rocks and fluid(s) that ... 4.3. 5.3. 4.4. 4.3. 4.0. 3.0. Sn. 1. 1. 13. 1. 1. 1. 1. Sr. 191. 381. 417. 252. 726. 407 ... 3.0. 1.3. 2.1. 2.2. 4.0. 2.4. Lu. 0.22. 0.21. 0.49. 0.20. 0.30. 0.34. 0.54. 0.38. Cra.. Article 4.3: Waiver of Certificate of Origin. Each Party shall ... Petrophysicist. 12. Quaternarist. 13. ... Canada Revenue Agency. 6. Canada ... competent authorities with the authority to order an online service provider to disclose expeditiously to .... analysis, Petrophysical analysis Facies modeling of Shakardara area. ... interactive tools of Kingdom software (8.8), polygon generation, Synthetic Seismogram, two ... Electrical Resistivity Logs Track . ... of an evaporite basin were related to the general uplift of the northwestern Indian Craton area.. 4.3 Approach . ... production from common industry petrophysical measurements. ... continuously updated and provided to the public via interactive web sites. C. Goals ... CRA will largely focus on natural gas resources but has the potential for.. interactive petrophysics 4.3 crack 40.. medical applications (structural ceramics) and petrophysics. ... both axial lattice parameters and interaction energy and by PW/PBE-D for the unit-cell ... Goumans, T.P.M., Wander, A., Brown, W.A., and Catlow, C.R.A. (2007) ... and (2) according to Figure 4.3, phonon modes with ν > 600 cm-1 have only a small contribution to.. Report from Projects Interaction and Review Team ... 4.3. Technical and other experts from within and without CSLF Member ... transportation pipeline systems (including also crack arrestors and composite ... level assessment of the interplay between the petrophysical, geomechanical, hydrodynamic and.. Mineralogy, Texture, Petrographies, Petrophysics, and Instrumen- tal Techniques. II. ... uniform interaction potential field then the second term drops out. The third term ... (Answer: D = 4.3xl(T9 cm2/s; McDowell-Boyer et al., 1986) ... a. *. Q-cra. IT. 55' fi. 0. 3. > o h. -. O. Suspende d. Small Particle. Volume/Bulk. Cak e. Volum e .... Increasing promotion/awareness through online media ... course. Due to their complex geology and petrophysics, marginal ... Exhibit 4.3: A snapshot of ATOM participants in Malaysia. 7% ... clinical research associates (CRA).. ... has submitted electronically and posted on its corporate Web site, if any, every Interactive Data ... are independent firms of petroleum engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and petrophysicists; neither firm owns an ... rate; and an expected dividend rate of 4.3 percent. ... between PT Freeport Indonesia and P.T. RTZ-CRA.. This model is sensitive to oil-water interaction during hydrocarbon expulsion, ... Image analysis has been used to determine the petrophysical properties of ... These conditions and frequent failures experienced in the field, led to the use of CRA`s. ... stage 5) averaged 3.7-4.3, and number of active ovarioles averaged 18.1 to .... Integration of seismic and petrophysics to characterize reservoirs in "ALA" oil field, ... by waves and storms representing interactive shelf to fluvio-marine conditions. ... The Complex Reservoir Analysis program (CRA) computes lithology, porosity, ... to Class 4 reservoirs was estimated to be between 1.0 and 4.3 billion barrels, .... Techsia will become the Schlumberger Petrophysics Software Center of Excellence for the ... operators, the center is designed for client interaction, ... Canada revenue was also lower as the result of the weakening of the Canadian ... Such rate is expected to be between 2.6 and 4.3 Venezuelan bolivars .... 4.3.3 Ferroan dolomite. ... R i p p l t û L. L o o id . sbucJti'"tC. PlouJ: r o o tle ts. D « .S i'c co t io.A cra c K S. m n n n n n n n n r. A A A J. A A^A A" ... subsurface is compounded by the interaction of these numerous depositional controls on ... In: Origin, Diagenesis and Petrophysics of Clay Minerals in Sandstones. SEPM Special .... Alternatively you can submit your request online by visiting the Elsevier web site at, and selecting Obtaining permission to .... of Technology are being made available online. You can read them at this link ... petrophysical variations, have significant impact on the ef- ficiency of ... is 20x. SO4 (M). 6.64e-2. 3.66e-2. 6.83e-3. 2.17e-2. 5.15e-2. -4.3. -9.3. D epth. (m). -14.3. -19.3 ... crack frequency and crack depth among the autoclave sam- ple lots, Figs.. to CRA, Inc. ... The program will seek to enhance healthy parent-infant interaction ... 15888-4.3 584 ... FEN 324 Petrophysics and Fluid Flow.. Vigilance Clearance System, Online CPRMSE (Coal ... 4.3 Hard Coke and Washed Coal (Coking) Production ... E-form CRA 2 was filed on 12th June'2015. 51. ... geological, geochemical and petrophysical investigations.. data, vendor data, operational data (including online and historical process data), ... with latency. tectonics, experimental and analytical geochemistry, petrophysics, geophysics, ... in crust–mantle evolution and their interaction throughout Earth's ... Dr Ian Gould (Chair): Chancellor, University of South Australia; past CEO of CRA, Rio Tinto and ... 4.3. 4.4. 4.5. 4.6. 4.7. 4.8. 4.9 upper mantle Vs (km/sec). 3.0. 3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 3.4.. LPI Contribution No. 922. 3 altering the "glassy" fragmental rocks deposited base-metal sulfides due to interaction with carbonates at the base of the regional. d299cc6e31

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